Live Stream Schedule

On the last Saturday in each month of 2022 I will play a live stream performance of some aspect of my music including electronic, electro-acoustic, ‘homage to…’ sets (please see below), modular, and maybe some other stuff too.

The live streams will start at 19.00 and end at 20.00 (platform to be decided – either Bandcamp or YouTube). More information coming soon.

In the event I have a live show booked on a Saturday, I will either reschedule the live stream or ensure a recording of the set is played at the times stated above.

So to business…

29th January 2022 – Witch Tones – a peformance on my modular system with some additional electronic sound producing equipment. Music inspired by the witch marks found in caves and buildings to ward of evil spirits. There are some remarkable examples at Creswell Crags in NE Derbyshire.

26th February 2022 – Modular set

26th March 2022 – ‘Homage to Cabaret Voltaire’ music (original) influenced by CV. This set will be played live at the Hare and Hounds in Birmingham on 25th April. I came up with the idea shortly after the untimely death of Richard H. Kirk – founder member of CV. This show has been produced with the full knowledge of Mall (Stephen Mallinder – also founder member). Please note this is not a covers show.

30th April 2022 – ‘Perambulations II’ – a follow up to, yes, you’ve guessed it, Perambulations I. This set will feature sounds recorded on the High Peak Trail and will not only be field recordings but music from a live set played and recorded in a place to be revealed nearer the time.

28th May 2022 – ‘Homage to Alvin Lucier and R. Murray Schafer’ – both these extraordinary musician/composer/educators died in 2021 and this set will be of music and sounds influenced by their immense contribution to music through their compositions, performances, teaching, and research. I will play a piece by both composers in this show.

25th June 2022 – ‘And sometime voices’ – taken from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, the speech, Caliban’s Dream (The Isle is full of noises, sounds and sweet airs that give elight and hurt not, sometimes a thousand twangling instruments will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices…) continues to inspire my sound exploration and this set will include a realisation of the actual words processed electronically.

30th July 2022 – ‘Structures’ – a set of my music from the Structures album with some new material.

27th August 2022 – ‘Drone and Workers’ – ambiguity project – more soon

24th September 2022 – ‘The Allotment Project’ – more information soon but to include sounds collected from the kind people who sent me recordings made in their allotments, gardens, by their window boxes, from all over the world. To be released on CD (possibly cassette tape too).

29th October 2022 – ‘Moss Tones’ – some experiementation with bio-feedback created by moss and used to control a range of sounds and voltages in a st of electronic, ambient, soundscapes.

26th November 2022 – ‘Hushed Tones’ – including the track ‘Sussuration’ exploring silence and the space between sounds. Could be a homage to John Cage.

31st December 2022 – ‘Hogmanay Special’ – to include, amongst other things, Ardnamurchan Point, a track inspired by the remarkable place with its lighthouse, fog-horn, and eerie remoteness

Please come back for further details of each show as it gets nearer the date.