Found Sounds in Found Spaces

Sounds, Music, and Divergent Strategies after, and inspired by, the music and work of Alvin Lucier and R. Murray Schafer

Make a sound

Hold it

Just listen

Integrals – 17:50
6 8 8 15 – 5:20
Witch Tones 1 – 6:02
Witch Tones 5 – 4:20
The Seven Stones of Hordron – 5:51
Companions – 3:32

This selection of tracks and sounds seeks to showcase some of the works that are included in the ‘Homage to Alvin Lucier and R. Murray Schafer’ set. It is by no means exhaustive and there are other tracks included. Some are more abstract in nature, some require the use of live electronics such as oscillators and filters and there are some which are played on acoustic instruments as yet unrecorded. Please contact me if you would like to hear more examples –